A concept for radiation-infected wolves.

A concept for radiation-infected wolves.

One of the aggressive animals in the game, wolves are a true force to be reckoned with. Venture too close and the four legged beast will have no problem gouging your eyes out with its sharp, untamed claws. Wolves come in the colors brown and black, however their color does not affect any of their abilities. At 125 health, these creatures aren’t going down too easy. To kill one would mean using a ranged weapon, much like with a bear.

Killing a Wolf

In Rust legacy, to kill a wolf would mean two shots with a bow, 4 shots with a 9mm pistol, M4, MP5A4, or one shot with a shotgun at point blank range. In Rust experimental, wolves can be killed with a direct hit to the head with a ranged weapon, such as a pistol or bow. It is also recommended to kill both wolves and bears when standing on foundations. The wolves cannot climb up, making you practically invincible until you run out of ammo or starve. Please note that animals can walk through foundations in Rust experimental versions.

Our Tip: If you do run out of ammo and need to run, it is entirely possible to escape death by running away until the wolf gets too far behind, such as with bears. You could also run into a player made home, at the risk of getting shot.

Despite the recommended advice, it is possible to kill a wolf with a melee weapon such as a hatchet. In the legacy version of Rust, it takes nine hits with a stone hatchet to kill. That is four to six hits in the experimental version. When killing a wolf with a spear, the wolf will probably inflict one or two hits to make you bleed. These hits usually don’t deal more than 50 damage. With enough practice it is possible to hunt these beasts without a scratch.

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