Small animals sticking to forest areas, chicken NPCs are one of the weakest animals in Rust. One hit to a chicken with a hatchet or even a pickaxe will bring it down. Chickens are a passive creature that will never attack the player, even when threatened. They can be found wandering around the forest in a random manner. When approached, chickens will attempt to flee from the player. Despite their small size, chickens are slow creatures. This makes them an easy target for starving nomads. However, their size and color also gives them an advantage. Chickens come in a light brown color, which enables them to blend in with the ground. Chickens are also very short, making them barely able to be seen above the grass. To find one of these birds, you will have to listen. They will make a clucking sound that you can use to pinpoint its location.
Once you find yourself a chicken, you can easily kill it with a single blow from a hatchet. After all, chickens only have 25 health. You could also waste an arrow trying to be a more skillful hunter. When killed, chickens will drop:
· Raw Chicken Breast
· Cloth
· Animal Fat
· Bone Fragments

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