Found in almost every biome in Rust, boar NPCs are a passive animal. For their intimidating large size, boars will not fight back when attacked. They will simply flee off to wander around aimlessly. Unfortunately for them, their large size is their weakness. Boars are slow animals that cannot outrun the player. They are also fairly weak at 120 health. Boars are easy prey. These factors make boars an excellent food source for starting players.

Killing a Boar

One of the best ways for starting players to kill a boar is with a rock. Really. A rock will kill this creature in five blows to the head. If you want to be more skillful, two shots from a bow will also do the trick. Killing boars isn’t even sport. It is way too easy. If you are somehow able to miraculously kill one of these boars, you will find yourself in possession of:

  • Cloth
  • Raw Chicken Breasts
  • Animal fat

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