An extremely hostile animal NPC found in the forest regions of Rust, bears are the most dangerous animals in the Rust world, save for mutants and players. Venture too close to one and it will not hesitate to claw your eyes out with its sharp, unforgiving claws.

Killing a Bear

Killing this animal will not be easy. It has 200 health. You will need heavy armor and sharp tools to finish the job. The weapon of choice for this beast is the shotgun, as it deals a face full of lead spread across the bear’s large body while remaining a ranged weapon. A bow can also finish the job with at least three arrows. If bows aren’t your fancy, you can also use your hatchet to finish the job in ten hits. When using the hatchet to kill the bear it will drop leather which can be used to craft certain items. If you are not able to kill the bear, you can simply run away and lose it. Another option would be to jump onto an elevated surface and whip out a ranged weapon. Wolfs and bears cannot climb foundations. Use this strategy to your advantage, particularly when being chased by large groups of these animals. Remember to bring extra ammo if you do climb up. Be prepared to run or fight to the death with a hatchet.

When killed, bears will drop:
· Raw Chicken Breast
· Cloth
· Blood
· Leather

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