The MP5A4 is one of the three rifles found in the game. The MP5A4 is an automatic rifle that is craftable. The weapon is made of twenty Low Quality Metal and it requires research and a Workbench. The MP5A4 takes 9mm ammo. The MP5A4 deals 25 damage per hit and has a pretty high effective range at eighty meters. The gun has a magazine size of thirty rounds which is rather large. The rate of fire is really high as one would expect from an automatic weapon. The weapon has medium recoil and thus it may be hard to aim for a long period of time. In order to build this weapon you will either need to find blueprints or do research. You are going to want to acquire this gun because the stats for this weapon make it one of the best in the game for close quarters engagements making your gameplay that much more interesting.

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