M4 Rifle

The M4 is a weapon that deals a considerable amount of damage compared to the MP5A4. The M4 takes 5.56 ammo and it is craftable. In order to craft the M4 one needs to do the research and have a workbench available. The M4 has a magazine size of twenty-four rounds. The resources necessary to make the M4 are thirty Low Quality Metal. The M4 is an extremely useful weapon and it is highly sought after. The weapon has an extremely long range at 140 meters and the weapon does thirty-five damage when it hits an opponent. The gun is an automatic weapon so it has a high rate of fire. One big advantage of using the M4 is that it has an extremely low recoil rate which makes holding your aim easier. Having the M4 is extremely helpful as it is useful for both long and short range battle. If you want to be successful in the game, then you need to acquire the M4.

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