Bolt Action Rifle

The Bolt Action Rifle is an extremely expensive weapon to produce. This weapon requires fifty wood, thirty low quality metal, and twenty leather and you need a workbench to make it. The Bolt Action Rifle takes 5.56 ammo and it has a magazine size of three. The weapon has an extremely long effective range of two hundred and fifty meters making it the longest ranged weapon in the game. The Bolt Action Rifle is primarily used as a sniper rifle in the game. The rifle does sixty-five damage and has a rate of fire of 0.45 seconds. This is rather slow for a gun, which is why people generally use it to take out enemies from a distance. The rifle also has a recoil rate of fourteen. The Bolt Action Rifle is great for players that want to take out their enemies from afar and do not mind having to gather a large amount of resources in order to use the weapon they want.

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