Like most weapons in the Rust universe, the Shotgun is craftable. It requires exactly twelve Low Quality Metal in order to make it and you will need a Workbench to make it. You will need a Workbench and you will need to perform research in order to make the Shotgun. The Shotgun is an extremely powerful weapon, it issues 180 damage when it hits. The range is rather limited at only thirty meters and the pellets spread out making it less effective the further out you shot. The Shotgun takes Shotgun shells that are completely different from the handmade shells you use for Hand Cannons and Pipe Shotguns. The Shotgun has a pretty low rate of fire, which extremely lowers its effectiveness. The Shotgun is extremely effective at taking down melee weapon wielding enemies, but it is not very useful against other enemies that have guns. There are four mod slots that can improve the Shotguns effectiveness against enemies. Use the Shotgun cautiously as you can easily get yourself in trouble if you rush into a situation and you end up out gunned.

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