Pipe Shotgun

The Pipe Shotgun is craftable, but it does require a lot of resources to make. In order to make a pipe shotgun you will need fifty wood and forty metal fragments and it will take sixty seconds as well. You will to need to have acquired a Workbench to make the Pipe Shotgun. The gun takes handmade shells as its ammo which is different from Normal Shotgun shells. The gun will only hold one round at a time so you will be reloading the gun regularly. One of the biggest disadvantages to carrying this gun is that the reload rate is considerably slower than other weapons. If you are going to use this weapon you should have plenty of cover available to protect yourself. The effective range of this shotgun is eighty meters so it is possible to hit a target for a considerable distance using this gun. The Pipe Shotgun does an extremely high amount of damage at 144 damage points. This is a lot more than a lot of weapons. The recoil rate is extremely high as well at sixty. Given the fact that it takes awhile to reload the gun and it is extremely difficult to make your second shot because of the recoil the Pipe Shotgun makes a great emergency weapon for when you are attacked by a bear or a wolf.

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