Stone Hatchet

The first weapon you will probably be able to craft is the stone hatchet. The stone hatchet is pretty basic weapon and tool, but it is far more effective than the rock. This weapon has pretty basic crafting requirements, in order to make this weapon you need five stones and ten wood so you should be able to make a Stone Hatchet pretty quickly. Crafting the Stone Hatchet also happens pretty quickly, at a rate of twenty seconds. The rate of fire for this weapon is slow, but it is still faster than the rock at 1 second. The weapon is also extremely ineffective. The Stone Hatchet does damage at a rate of about 15%, which is less than that of the rock. The rate of fire makes the stone hatchet a little bit more effective than the rock because you can strike your enemy three more times. The main advantage to having a stone hatchet is that it is an extremely effective tool for gathering resources. Because you can use the hatchet rather quickly you can gather a lot more resources. The stone hatchet is fairly easy to craft and can be used pretty quickly, but it is not a very effective weapon.

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