The Pickaxe is the most damaging melee weapon in the game. The pickaxe can be crafted or you can find it in a loot crate. It is important to know that using the pickaxe will consume calories and thus you will have to eat more often if you use the Pickaxe. Before you can craft the Pickaxe you have to acquire the Research Kit 1 to have the recipe available. Making the Pickaxe is pretty resource heavy as it requires twenty seconds as well as forty wood and fifteen metal fragments. The rate of fire for the pickaxe is pretty slow as it can only fire once every three seconds. This makes the pickaxe an ineffective tool for gathering resources because the Hatchet gathers more resources per second than the Pickaxe. The Pickaxe does make a very effective weapon though. Pickaxe strikes do sixty damage per hit making it capable of killing zombies in one hit and unarmored players in two hits which make it the most powerful melee weapon. The Pickaxe is probably best used for breaking objects such as doors and boxes. Of all the melee weapons the Pickaxe is the most effective, but it also is extremely slow.

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