The Hatchet is more effective than the Stone Hatchet. If you are looking for a tool to gather resources, then you need to have a hatchet as it is the fastest tool for gathering resources in the game. You do not need a formula to craft this item because you will already have the recipe in your crafting menu. Crafting a Hatchet requires twenty seconds as well as ten metal fragments and twenty pieces of wood. The Hatchet has a rate of fire of one second and is an extremely effective weapon. The Hatchet does twenty-five damage meaning that it can kill wolves and red bears in just two hits and other players who do not have armor in just four. If you are stuck using the Hatchet as your primary weapon you can attack players that are using firearms by sprinting towards them and running in a zigzag motion towards the player. This strategy makes you hard to hit and increases your chances of reaching the player. The Hatchet is also an extremely effective tool for gathering resources because it has a fast swing rate and it does a decent amount of damage. If you need a tool for gathering resources or fighting enemies, then you should acquire a Hatchet.

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