The first gun you probably will encounter in the game is the Revolver. The revolver can be crafted, but it does require the Workbench. In order to construct the Revolver you will need sixty Wood, ten Cloth, and eighty metal fragments. The crafting will take sixty seconds when you make it. The revolver is a really basic gun. It only holds eight bullets at a time. The Revolver takes 9mm ammo which is similar to several other guns. The rate of fire for the Revolver is unknown, but it is thought to be rather low. The gun has a fairly high recoil rate at ten. The Revolver does do twenty-nine damage per hit. The Revolver is considered to be a good gun to use if you want to explore the universe of Rust. Because the Revolver is rather inexpensive you will not be risking losing one of your most expensive guns but you will still be armed. The Revolve also includes two upgrade slots so you can increase the effectiveness of your gun. The Revolver is an effective gun for exploring but it is rather slow.

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