9mm Pistol

Weapon Type Handgun
Magazine Size 12 Rounds
Ammo Type 9mm Ammo
Damage 23%
Fire Modes Semi Automatic
Effective Range 80m
Rate of Fire Medium
Recoil Low
Requirements to Craft 10 Low Quality Metal
Time to Craft 60s
Researchable only? Yes
Requires Workbench? Yes

The magazine holds twelve rounds which is considerably more than the basic guns. The gun only does about twenty-three damage and the gun has an effective range of about eighty meters. The gun has about a medium rate of fire and pretty low recoil. The main advantage of using this gun over the more effective P250 is that the gun has a larger magazine. Because the gun has a relatively large magazine it is extremely useful for dealing with situations where you having to reload will lead to your death. The 9mm is the less effective of the two Handgun options but it does have a larger magazine.


Crafting a 9mm Pistol requires that the player has 10 Low Quality Metal. Following an update on February 6th, however, the 9mm pistol cannot be crafted without researching it beforehand. This occurred because the Revolver had took its place as the default weapon.

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