F1 Grenade

The F1 grenade is one of only two explosives in the game. The grenade is made from eighty gunpowder and forty metal fragments which makes it fairly expensive to produce. One does need to do research and have a Workbench in order to craft F1 grenades. The F1 grenade deals damage within a certain radius. The radius is thought to be about one unit. The actual effectiveness of the weapon is unknown in terms of damage. The closer the opponent is to the grenade the more damage the weapon will do to the opponent. The grenade is considered to be a poor weapon to use because of the low amount of damage it issues and the very small radius. The grenade is still very useful when one finds themselves in enclosed spaces because it cuts off certain areas from the enemy. The grenade is also extremely useful for blasting through wooden walls. While the F1 grenade is not that useful it is occasionally useful in very specific situations.

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