Explosive Charge

The explosive charge is the more effective weapons in the game. The weapon does six hundred damage making it extremely dangerous for attacking enemies. The charge requires fifteen explosives, one flare, and five leather to craft and will require both research and a workbench. The charge is typically referred to as “C4” by players of Rust. Getting “C4” is extremely difficult as the crafting supplies are extremely expensive to make. Crafting the explosive charge actually requires 308 gunpowder, 75 Sulfur, 158 Metal Fragment, 60 Animal Fat, 30 Cloth, and 5 Leather because the supplies you use to make a charge take other supplies to make. Air Supply Drops often contain explosive charges so in competitive games that is often the best way to acquire charges as many Air Supply Drops contain two charges in each crate. “C4” can be an extremely effective way to breach doors and thus break into bases because they deal so much damage. It is important to remember that you should not place the charge on metal bars because that will cause less damage to actually be dealt to the window. Use explosive charges to get past various obstacles in the game.

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