Hunting Bow

The only bow in the game is the Hunting bow. The bow is the only ranged weapon in the game that deals Melee-Damage. This is important because when it comes to damage calculations melee resistant armor and enemies will take less damage. One weird fact that comes out of this is that if you fire at a Spike Wall you will take damage (which is what would happen if you used any other melee weapon on a Spike Wall). The Hunting bow is fairly expensive to create. It requires thirty-five Wood and five Cloth and it will take twenty seconds to craft it. The Hunting Bow is a very reliable weapon for taking out long range targets; its effective range is considered to be moderate. The bow only holds one bow at a time and it has a moderate reload rate. When your arrows hit they issue seventy-five damage to any enemy it hits and it has a rather low recoil rate. The Hunting Bow is an extremely effective tool for taking out targets at a long range.

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