Staying Healthy in Rust

“Rust,” at first, can seem like an extremely overwhelming game, but once you know how it works, you can become a “Super Rusty Gaming Ninja” in no time. So here are, most, of the mechanics in “Rust.”


Campfires can be used in a few ways. It takes five pieces of wood to start a campfire, and then one wood per minute. Campfires provide light and can be used to cook food. A campfire will also give you a comfort bonus when you are near it, which increases health regeneration by 2 points. You can cook food, but you cannot smelt on it. You need a furnace, in order to smelt ore and metals. A campfire will consume one piece of wood per minute, which can be placed into the campfire’s fuel slot. Campfires can, also, sometimes be a bad thing. The bright light, given off by a campfire, is a great indicator for bandits that someone is nearby.


You can, easily, make med-kits that will bring your health back up. You will need two cloths and two blood bags for small med-kits, or three of each for a large med-kit.



Hunger goes down with, almost, everything that you do. The more strenuous the activity, the more your hunger will fall. For example, hacking away at a tree will bring down hunger faster than just walking.

Cooked food is the fastest way to raise your hunger meter. In order to get food, you will need to hunt. You can make weapons, that will make hunting easier, by going into the crafting tab. If you are just starting “Rust,” than you will, most likely, just be using your “smashing rock”. If you are using this basic item, you will want to go for smaller game, because animals, such as bears, take forever to take down. Once you have killed an animal, simply keep hitting its corpse, until there is nothing left.

When you harvest an animal, you will either get cloth, leather, or blood, and always meat. You can use the blood and cloth to make med-kits, or use the cloth for another crafting job, such as sleeping bags or bows. Just remember, you will want plenty of med-kits at your disposal.



There are many places in “Rust” that are poisonous, due to radiation. When you enter one, you will hear a beeping sound, and your screen will become pixelated. The louder, and faster, the sound gets, the worse the radiation poisoning is. You can watch you radiation by looking at the bar on the lower right corner of your game screen.

In order to prevent death, due to radiation poisoning, you can use consumable items, such as, anti-radiation pills or small rations. Anti-Radiation pills lower radiation poisoning by 200 points.

PrtScr capture 2

Anti-Radiation Pills

You can find Anti-Radiation from the corpses of red bears and wolves, or in loot boxes in factories and compounds.  Small rations give 750 calories, 6 liters of water, -300 radiation poisoning, and 25 health.


Small Rations

These are extremely useful! Small rations can be found in containers of radiation-filled towns, or from the corpses of radiated animals.



At night, you will gain a, nasty, cold effect, if you are not wearing some type of clothing. A campfire can quickly help this, but it has it’s drawbacks. Since fires can be very bright, you must be careful to not draw bandits to your location with the bright flame. Campfires and clothing are, currently, the only things in the game that will help with the cold effect.

Thank You!

Thank you for reading. I hope this helped you understand “Rust” a little bit more. Keep in mind that a campfire will help with almost all of these things that I have covered. There will be a bunch more guides to come in the near future, so bookmark this site if you want to stay updated!

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