Venturing Into the World

After you have created your camp, in the world of Rust, you will, most likely, want to venture out into the world. When adventuring through Rust you’ll find that there are many random places that have large piles of wood and stone, but you must watch out for other players. It is quite normal in Rust for other players to kill you just for fun, especially if they are stronger.

As I said before, there are piles of materials all around Rust. For wood, the piles are much more efficient than chopping trees, since you can just pick up the wood instead of having to chop a tree.

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Stone, Sulfur, and metal fragments all come from giant rocks. They can be found in almost any place. The rocks are very big, so they can be seen from far away. You can use your stone, by hitting 1 (default), to hit the piles of wood or stone. As you hit the pile, you will gather the materials. The stone, or wood, will degrade, until there is nothing left. Then, simply, move onto the next one.

            Once you have five stones and ten pieces of wood, you should create a stone hatchet. You can do this by hitting tab (Default), then crafting, which is at the top of the screen, then scrolling down until you find the stone hatchet. It will take around twenty seconds to make the hatchet.  The stone hatchet, when compared to the stone alone, is much better. It does more damage and gathers all materials faster.


            For now, keep gathering materials and work on making your camp more secure. You may want to make some storage crates, in order to store your items at your camp, but anyone can take them if your door is not locked. So, be careful. Rust players are blood thirsty trolls, and will do anything to take your stuff. Remember, you will lose all of your items if you die, so stay alert and always securely store and protect your items!

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