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“Rust” is a, fairly, new game. It is still in alpha mode, which means that you will, most likely, encounter some bugs. Alpha comes before beta testing, and if you have ever played beta, than you know that even it has many errors. This will be the first guide to help you on your “rusty” journey.  There will be more, detailed, guides coming soon.

Basic Blueprints

In rust, you need blue prints, in order to craft a certain item. When you first start the game, you will have some basic blueprints at your disposal. Other items, such as med packs have to be acquired later. You will need to build a furnace to craft some of the items.

  • Sulfur is mined from rocks
  • Metal Fragments are mines from rocks
  • Stone is mine from rocks
  • Crafted plank are from chopping  ten logs from trees
  • Wood is from trees, of course.

Your First Days in Rust

The first day that you are in rust, you will need to gather some items as soon as possible. You may be very confused, but that will pass. You will need plenty of food. Chicken breasts, actually, can be dropped by any type of animal, so gather as much of these as you can, quickly. Next, chop plenty of wood. You will need around 115 pieces of wood to build a small hut, so that you can remain safe.

You may also want to gather some cloth. Cloth drops from any animal as well, so gather is as you get chicken breasts. Once you have all of this, you will be ready to play the more advanced parts of the game. Make sure that you build a sleeping bag, with the cloth you gathered, and place it inside of you hut. This way you can re-spawn there every five minutes.

New guides will be coming soon. We will delve deeper into the world of Rust together!

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