Building a Basic Camp

Gathering Resources


Okay, so now your stomach’s full, you have a couple tools and hopefully some basic resources and you’re ready to settle down. Building a camp is your first step towards longevity in Rust. You are much more likely to survive with some sort of camp that you can return home to at the end of the day. The first thing you’ll need to do is gather wood – and lots of it! Your basic house (foundation, 3 walls, 1 doorway, roof) will require a little more than 400 pieces of wood. I would recommend gathering about 2 stacks worth of wood (1 stack = 250 wood) just for good measure.

Crafting the Materials

Once you have collected all of the wood you’ll need its time to start build…well, almost! Before we can start building we’ll need to turn that wood into planks. To do this, press Tab, open up your crafting window and find the Wooden Plank blueprint. Select it and Control click the + icon to make as many planks as you can. This will take a minute or so. After your planks are done you can scroll to the bottom of the crafting list and start building! For a basic 1×1 shelter you’ll need 1 foundation, 3 walls, 4 pillars, a doorway, a door and a ceiling so go ahead and make all that stuff.

Location and Building

Now that you have the parts we can start assembling the shelter! First, consider the location of your shelter. You’ll want to settle down in an area that meets the following criteria 1) has easy access to animals (food), 2) has easy access to resources (wood, stone), 3) is off of the road or generally out of sight and 4) is somewhat close to a rad town (the towns with the zombies and junk!). Now that you have the perfect location go ahead and drag the foundation onto your tool bar and place it in the world. Do the same for the pillars, the walls, the ceiling and the doorway. Last but not least, go ahead and put your door on and you’re done! Congratulations, you have a shelter!

Sleeping Bag


One last thing before we move on – you’ll want to make a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is easy the most important item in the game because it determines where you spawn when you die. If you place a sleeping bag in your shelter you’ll be able to respawn in your shelter when you die – the sleeping bag requires 15 cloth (obtained from killing animals). Go ahead and make a sleeping bag and place it in your shelter. As a bit of a side note, you need to click “Spawn at Camp” to respawn at your sleeping back when you die – you can only do this once every 5 minutes.

Now that you have a bit of security with that shelter, lets work on beefing it up a bit!

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